Apparently I’m A Smart Finance Blogger…

Hello blog friends! Long time no talk. Apologies for the radio silence, but life has gotten away from me and this blog has taken a back seat. I just wanted to pop by today to share some kind of cool news. I somehow wound up on Apartment Therapy in an article titled “The Budgeting Methods Smart Finance Bloggers Swear By.” I literally have no idea how this happened, but I’m pretty excited about it! Who knew I was a smart finance blogger!?! (Absent finance blogger seems a more appropriate title to me, but hey, I’ll take the positive press any day!!)

Here is a little excerpt from the article:

Try: A spreadsheet that allows for flexible spending

How it works

Ali at Anything You Want is all about using spreadsheets to track her budget. To monitor her expenses (her savings isn’t included in this post) she uses a spreadsheet that breaks them down into 5 major categories: Food, Fixed Home, Variable Home, Transportation and Other. You can see in the screenshot above exactly how her expenses are divided up between those categories. Ali explains that she budgets at a high level like this because her expenses aren’t always the same from month to month.

Why it’s smart

The attitude behind this system is a really healthy way to look at your budget—it allows for plenty of flexibility and for some fun “treat yourself” type spending, but within reason. Ali’s motto is “you can have anything you want, but you can’t have everything you want”—the example she gives is that in one month, she might want to buy a new purse and take a trip to Cape Cod, but in reality it needs to be about making a tradeoff in order to save. This budgeting system and attitude allows Ali to do fun things like go to concerts while still holding her accountable.

I hope you’ll all head over to Apartment Therapy to read the article!



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