Reader Question: Is it OK to Have Multiple Credit Cards to Take Advantage of Rewards Offers?

In case you missed it, I recently added an “Ask Ali” feature to the blog! I would LOVE to answer your personal finance questions. No matter how big or small, if you’re wondering, chances are someone else is too!

Today I’ll share a question from a reader regarding credit cards. The reader asks: “I’m curious to know your opinion on having multiple credit cards to make the most of their respective cash back/reward offers.”

Luckily, I have LOTS of thoughts on the subject, so let’s dive in! Continue reading

Couples’ Finances: Our Joint Credit Card

For most of my time as a personal finance enthusiast, I’ve been single. I had boyfriends, I went on dates, but I didn’t share my money with anyone else. I had only to worry about my own salary and expenses. This was the case when I met BF several years ago, and for the first years of our relationship it worked well for us to maintain completely separate finances. We would try to alternate who paid when we went to dinner. When we went on a trip we would keep rough track of spending and settle things up at the end through a bank transfer. We kept it simple, and it mostly worked.

When BF and I moved in together, keeping track of who paid for what and trying to keep things relatively equal became tedious. We were buying furniture, groceries and other household items together, in addition to our usual entertainment spending. We decided that a joint credit card would be a good way for us to share expenses easily and simply, and it has really worked well for us. Continue reading