Culture on the Cheap: Visiting Museums for Free!

Culture on the Cheap Visiting Museums for Free!

As you might have guessed from our escapades around Europe this summer, BF and I are kind of culture junkies. Museums are one of our favorite ways to experience a new culture and gain exposure to new forms of expression and ways of life. We love a good art/history/science/music/whatever museum, and seek them out wherever we go.

The downside to museums is that all of the fun they offer often comes at a price. Depending on the size and type of museum you’re visiting, a ticket can range from a few dollars to $20+ per person. As much as I love a museum, I really don’t love paying tons of money to spend an afternoon looking at art. I MUCH prefer to look at art for free, and luckily there are many ways to do that!

Today I’d like to share a few tips for visiting amazing museums completely for free. As long as you’re willing to be a little flexible and/or plan ahead, you can easily take advantage of these opportunities to visit museums for free all around the world. Continue reading

Life’s Simple Pleasures

Life's Simple Pleasures _

I wake up on a quiet Sunday morning with nowhere in particular to be. It’s a perfect, sunny day. The first hints of fall are in the air, and we’ve turned the air conditioning off and slept with the windows open for the first time in months. I laze around for a while, halfway between sleeping and waking. Finally, I’m up, but it’s still not time to get out of bed. I reach for my book and start reading, with the sunlight coming in, and the cool breeze drifting past me. Life is just about perfect.

From time to time, I am struck by the power of simple moments like this, when everything in life seems good and calm. There are a lot of things that money can buy, but moments of simple peace and happiness aren’t among them.

Today, I thought I’d help us all put things into perspective (myself included!) and remember some of the simple things in life that can bring the most joy. Continue reading

Decorating on a Budget: A West Elm Painting Hack

Decorating on a Budget, A West Elm Painting Hack _

Having a well-designed space to call home can make such a difference is your overall happiness. I’ve lived in all kinds of different spaces, from homes in the suburbs to dorms to apartments in the city, and I think that I can be happy in most kinds of spaces as long as I give the décor a bit of attention.

A lot of people think that having a well-designed space means spending a lot of money: hiring a designer, getting custom furniture or expensive art. I patently disagree. If you have a bit of an eye for design (or a friend who does!), all you need is a little creativity to make any space beautiful on a budget. Continue reading

Frugal Fun: Podcasts

I know that I’m late to the game, but in the past year I’ve gotten really into podcasts. Since I have an iPhone, I am easily able to download a wide variety of podcasts right on my phone. I listen to them while I cook, when I go to the gym, and during my drive to and from work.


I love that podcasts offer an option for every interest. They are one of the few remaining forms of entertainment that doesn’t require using your eyes (kinda hard to watch TV while driving). And, last but certainly not least, podcasts are an extremely frugal form of entertainment. All of the podcasts that I listen to are completely free (well, you need the internet and some device to listen on, but who doesn’t have that already?).

Today I’ll share a few of my favorite podcasts, some of which help me save money even beyond providing free entertainment! Continue reading

Frugal Fun: Crafting a Giant Letter G

Keep reading to see how I made this!

Keep reading to see how I made this!

While we were in Vienna a few weeks ago, we visited a monthly design market called the Wamp Market. The market was full of unique crafts and products, including lots of beautiful jewelry, clothing, and home décor items.

While wandering through the market, a giant metal letter “G” called out to BF (yes, now you know that his name begins with “G”). It looked something like this and was made of reclaimed metal from rickshaws. It would have been a cool souvenir and a nice addition to a bookcase, but at about €50 BF decided to pass. Continue reading

Frugal Choices: An Ode to the Public Library

There is no bigger fan of the public library than me. Well, except maybe my dad. I guess that’s where I got it from. My brother always teased us for loving the library so much, but ironically he now works for the New York public library, so I guess the joke is on him.

Why do I love the public library so much? Because I love to learn. I love to learn from books, movies, music, magazines, museums, and on and on. And do you know what the library gives you FREE (or steeply discounted) access to? Books, movies, music, magazines, museums, and on and on. Continue reading

Frugal Fun: Memorial Day with Mad Max

I’ll take a little break today from philosophizing about saving and frugality to share something much more fun and exciting, even for you non-PF nerds. Yesterday, BF and I decided to spend our extra day of Memorial Day weekend freedom at the movies watching Mad Max: Fury Road. While the movie was BF’s choice, I have to say that we both LOVED it. And, because I am a PF nerd, I loved it all the more because we took the thrifty route and saw the move for a bargain price. Win-win! Continue reading