Culture on the Cheap: Visiting Museums for Free!

Culture on the Cheap Visiting Museums for Free!

As you might have guessed from our escapades around Europe this summer, BF and I are kind of culture junkies. Museums are one of our favorite ways to experience a new culture and gain exposure to new forms of expression and ways of life. We love a good art/history/science/music/whatever museum, and seek them out wherever we go.

The downside to museums is that all of the fun they offer often comes at a price. Depending on the size and type of museum you’re visiting, a ticket can range from a few dollars to $20+ per person. As much as I love a museum, I really don’t love paying tons of money to spend an afternoon looking at art. I MUCH prefer to look at art for free, and luckily there are many ways to do that!

Today I’d like to share a few tips for visiting amazing museums completely for free. As long as you’re willing to be a little flexible and/or plan ahead, you can easily take advantage of these opportunities to visit museums for free all around the world. Continue reading

5 Tips to Ensure a Great Airbnb Experience

I hate to interrupt the regularly scheduled programming, but I started a new job this week (!) and simply didn’t have time to write this week’s Five Friday Favorites. Fear not, because I’ve got some great content for you today and I’ll be back next week with some new Friday favorites!

5 tips to ensure a great Airbnb experience _

When planning a trip, hotels are often one of the most expensive items to budget for. On our recent trip to Europe, BF and I decided to look into options other than hotels to see if we could save some money. Of course there are many options out there, from vacation apartment rentals to camping, and everything in between. For us, Airbnb seemed to make the most sense. According to one study, Airbnb rentals can be as much as 38% cheaper than hotels in Boston, and we found similar savings in Europe.

We rented four different Airbnb spaces over the summer, and learned a lot from our experiences. Today, I’ll share the top 5 tips we learned to ensure a great Airbnb experience. Continue reading

Trip Recap: Our Summer in Europe

BF and I have been back from our 8 week European adventure for a few weeks now and I’ve had some time to reflect on our trip. Today I’ll share some details of our travels and how much our grand adventure cost us!

Trip Recap: Our Summer in Europe

Living in Paris
During our time abroad, we were primarily based in Paris. We were able to find an apartment to rent on Airbnb, and we were lucky enough to stay in the heart of Paris’ “hipster” neighborhood – Le Marais. The location was perfect because there were tons of great restaurants within walking distance of our apartment and we were also well connected to the metro, which allowed us to get around the city easily and quickly. Between the metro and the great bike sharing program in Paris, Velib, we didn’t take a single cab for trips within the city. Continue reading

Trip Recap: A Week in the Cote D’Azur and Provence

The last week of our summer in Paris was spent exploring beautiful southern France, specifically the Cote D’Azur and Provence. We took the TGV (very fast train) from Paris to Marseille, where we rented a car and drove along the coast and up into the mountains, taking in incredible scenery and visiting many adorable little towns. We stayed in three different cities – Saint Maxime, Nice and Aix-en-Provence – utilizing a mix of hotels and AirBnB rentals.

trip recap southern france-01

Overall, we had an incredible trip and it was a great way to close out our European adventure. Today, I’ll share the details of our travels, including what we saw and how much we spent! Continue reading


5 Unexpected Costs When Travelling Abroad – Guest Post on InSpirit Financial

Wait, these pastries cost MORE to eat in the restaurant than to take to go!?

Wait, these pastries cost MORE to eat in the restaurant than to take to go!?

Today, I’m so excited to share my guest post over at InSpirit Financial! It is about five unexpected costs that you’ll find when travelling abroad. I’m about half way through my big European summer adventure, and I’m happy to be able to share some of the tips I’ve picked up along the way. I hope you’ll enjoy! Continue reading

Trip Recap: Budapest, Hungary

Last week, BF and I headed the furthest east I’ve ever been in Europe to meet up with my parents in Budapest, Hungary. As soon as we shared on European summer travel plans with my parents, they started planning a visit to the continent. We decided on three days in Budapest and four days in Vienna. None of us had been to Vienna and only BF had been to Budapest. We were all excited to check some cities off of our bucket lists!

Today, I’ll cover Budapest only. Keep an eye out for the Vienna recap next week! Continue reading

Frugal Travel: The Beauty of Bike Sharing

Getting to a destination is often the most expensive part of travel, be it by plane, train or car. Often, when I’m planning out the budget for a trip, I account for travel to a place, but not for travel in the place. Getting around, especially in a city, can be pricey. You have taxis, subways, cars (and usually exorbitant parking fees). Of course you also have your own two feet, but those might get tired after a while.

A great option when you’re exploring a new city can be a bike. Biking is faster than walking, allowing you to cover more ground. It can also be substantially cheaper than taking a car, taxi or subway.  This is especially true with the rising popularity of bike-sharing programs, now offered in cities around the world, which make it incredibly easy and convenient to rent a bike.

Today, I’ll share a few experiences I’ve had with bike rentals as a way of cutting the cost of travel. Continue reading