10 thoughts on “Guest Post on Embracing Simple – Your Free Credit Report

    • I was also able to get a full credit report and score when applying for my mortgage. It is really interesting to see what things are affecting your credit score most. I find that “length of credit history” is always a negative on my report, which frustrates me because there isn’t nothing I can do about being young!

  1. Hello Ali,
    I’m just done reading the post and truly, its really a very interesting and awesome topic.

    I’ve never heard of credit reports before and this made this one amazing.

    However, i don’t stay in the US but i just forwarded your post to my friends over that whom i know will need it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Feeling inspired by your post I just pulled my credit report. Thanks Ali! Everything looks good and it took only a few minutes to pull and review. Peace of mind achieved. 🙂

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